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Marketplace FAQs

In order to purchase marketplace products, you will need to have an active Truly Free membership (subscription). You cannot access the Marketplace without being a Truly Free Member.

You benefit from the buying power of the entire Truly Free movement! That means get exclusive access to the most incredible deals, discounts and special offers that you will NOT find anywhere else on the internet!

We’re proud to partner with best brands on earth serving a similar mission to ours... from natural toothpaste, skincare, high quality coffees and so much more. We partner with and sell amazing brands like Air Doctor, LifeBoost, TruSelf Organics and Wellnesse, just to name a few.

All you have to do to get FREE shipping is order $49 worth of Marketplace products!

As of right now we have to keep marketplace sales & Truly Free sales separate for a number of reasons... But stay tuned for more exciting announcements!!